Kanye West Photos Kim Kardashian in Collaborative Editorial

Kanye West has photoed Kim Kardashian in a collaborative Fall/Winter 2020 editorial for AnOther magazine. The shoot also features images of Michèle Lamy taken by Rick Owens.

The editorial was directed by photographer Paul Kooiker, showing Lamy and Kardashian wearing each other’s designs to express their “unexpected kinship.” Juxtaposing the works of two creative minds from divergent worlds, the project was conceived during COVID-19 lockdowns — “Lamy in France, Kardashian in the US, Kooiker in the Netherlands.” Lamy’s images capture her in a “restless fit,” while photos of Kardashian shows her in a “pensive and venerable” state. The photos reference artistic styles of renowned artists, too. Kardashian’s photos reference the works of filmmaker Robert Bresson; Lamy’s, Bernhard, and Anna Blume. In addition to a transcripted dialogue between Lamy and Kardashian, AnOther explained that the photoshoot aimed to highlight the contrast between the iconic personalities: “people who we’d assume don’t have much in common, let alone share a common sense of reality, which is what makes this relationship so interesting.”

Scroll above for a look through AnOther’s Fall/Winter 2020 editorial, capturing images of Kim Kardashian and Michèle Lamy taken by Kanye West and Rick Owens.

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