Prince Harry ‘lacks confidence’ as he’s ‘eclipsed’ by Meghan Markle during BLM video call, body language expert claims

PRINCE Harry was “awkward” as he was “eclipsed by Meghan Markle” during his Black Lives Matter call, a body language expert has claimed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex took part in the Queen's Commonwealth Trust video call, one of the network's weekly sessions set up in response to the growing Black Lives Matter movement yesterday.

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The pair addressed the Commonwealth’s “uncomfortable” past in the video call – and according to expert Judi James, Harry was uncomfortable too.

Here body language expert Judi analyses how the Prince was really feeling…

A fish out of water

“Is Harry looking increasingly like a fish out of water in the US? His body language in this video link-up looks rather awkward, especially next to his wife.

“Meghan showed glimpses of her skill of speaking passionately about her causes and her ability to inspire people when she was in the UK but with the safety harness of royal restrictions off she is seen relating to and having empathy with young people in a way that Harry, with his privileged upbringing, never could.

“He sits to the side of the frame here while Meghan has the space to gesticulate confidently and speak with her eyes straight into the camera."

Distracted Duke

“While she speaks Harry’s eye movements suggest he has a lot of thoughts running through his head, making him appear distracted.

“His eyes go to the right and then at one point he looks down at the floor, rather than looking visually focused and ‘on-message’.

“Looking down is usually a cut-off gesture that suggests a lack of confidence or a desire to hide momentarily.

“He seems to try to join in at one point but he just echoes a word of Meghan’s and then later adds a ‘Yeah’ to her point.

In Meghan's shadow

“He is clearly eclipsed by her skills of speaking in a calm but passionate inspirational tone and it would be no surprise if he weren’t in awe of her talent to speak from the heart and convey messages that could be life-changing.

“When Harry does launch into his speech his style is staccato and his gestures look a little over-thought, as though he might be trying to mirror his wife’s passionate style of delivery.

“While Meghan turns to eye-gaze him in a gesture of support and agreement his eye direction is very mobile rather than finding the camera and focusing on it to suggest confidence and an ability to tune in to his audience.

“It hints at the kind of distance he would have experienced as a member of the royal firm, where he might have had people hanging on his every word but more intimate styles of discussion with the public might have been less usual."

At ease

However, it seems that the Duke was at ease at some points as he settled into the conversation.

Judi continues: “In the end Harry seems to try to take control of his performance by playing to his signature strengths and using self-effacing humour to lighten the mood.

“He is clearly more comfortable in this mode, leaning in closer to engage with the camera, but the change of mood after some truly serious messages looks like it might have been to help him relax as much as making the viewers laugh.”

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