TikTokers Are Letting Their Followers Pick Their Looks With the Draw My Makeup Challenge

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Beauty gurus often find inspiration for their looks in the simplest places, and lately they’ve been (literally) drawing inspiration from their fans on TikTok. Over the last few weeks, a new challenge has been all over the social media platform called the Draw My Makeup Challenge (also known as the Draw Me a Makeup Look Challenge). It sees creators asking their followers to draw a makeup look that they’d like for them to re-create on their pages. Most of the looks people have drawn so far have been pretty out there, though to the surprise of no one, TikTokers are still managing to knock even some of the wildest ones out of the park.

From looks that feature drawings of butterflies to those that include almost every color in the rainbow, check out some of our favorite takes on the Draw My Makeup Challenge ahead.

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