Kevin McHale Accidentally Gives Boyfriend Austin McKenzie Salmonella

Kevin McHale is doing some explaining…

The 32-year-old Glee alum amusingly shared a series of tweets on Saturday night (August 1) in which he revealed that he accidentally gave his boyfriend Austin McKenzie salmonella due to his cooking.

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“But have you undercooked chicken sausage (unintentionally) and then served it to your bf and then he got superrrrr sick and you thought it was covid and you got tested twice but nah you just fed him salmonella? He should break up with me. I would,” he tweeted.

When told that Austin needs to take his phone away, Kevin then added: “He’s asleep because I poisoned him!”

He then tweeted “Omg” when he realized that Austin hilariously changed his profile bio to: “I left Twitter many years ago. I’m back on now to monitor my thirsty boyfriend, Kevin Mchale, who ‘accidentally’ gave me salmonella 5 days ago.”

We’re hoping Austin feels better soon!

Kevin recently reminisced with co-stars about getting in trouble while filming the Glee pilot.

Check out the funny series of tweets inside…

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