Do FA Cup quarter finals go to penalties and extra time or are replays used if it's a draw?

THE FA Cup quarter-finals have arrived after a hiatus of more than three months for the tournament.

But what happens if matches are drawn? Will there be a replay to decides who gets to the semis?

Does the FA Cup quarter-finals go to replays or extra-time and penalties?

FA Cup quarter-finals do not go to replays and have not done so since 2016, when they were scrapped to ease fixtures congestion.

Since then, replays have also been scrapped for the fifth round.

Which FA Cup rounds have replays and which go to extra time?

  • First round – Replays
  • Second round – Replays
  • Third round – Replays
  • Fourth round – Replays
  • Fifth round – Extra time (Since 2018/19)
  • Quarter-final – Extra time (Since 2016/17)
  • Semi-final – Extra time (Since 1999/00)
  • Final – Extra time (Since 1993/94)


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