JPEGMAFIA Releases Another Surprise Visual With "LAST DANCE!"

JPEGMAFIA continues to deliver thoughtful and timely new releases in an unconventional format, surprising fans on somewhat of a weekly basis with either a new documentary episode of his ongoing HTBAR series, a single and/or music video. Late last night he dropped off “LAST DANCE!” and it’s a triumphant, hard-hitting self-directed visual and single.

The music video follows his latest Twitter spree in which he called out his fans, critics and more for jumping on the recent wave of activism as an aesthetic and for self-serving purposes all of which he believes are readily transparent.

“these folks cloak themselves in our trauma and try to tell us how to react,” he tweeted before breaking down the trend of being fake woke and white people making allyship all about themselves. “sad. real sad. So many dense white people trying to question my blackness because there whole timeline is filled with “woke” tweets. These n*ggas so woke they think they black. Lemme just stop all the bullsh*t right here. Your not black. Doesn’t matter how much of an “ally” u think u are. You want to be seen next to people who NEED help. You don’t actually want to HELP people… These fake woke types are FAR more concerned with how THEY look then actually helping people. Because when my black *ss was in poverty dealing with REAL LIFE. I DONT REMEMBER YALL.”

JPEGMAFIA’s 2020 output has put all of the creative control back in his court after last year’s fantastic All My Heroes Are Conrballs full-length. While he was ultimately happy with the album, he did mention that a traditional album rollout fell short of how he wanted to present his music. His most recent offerings include sampling Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby” on his new track “living single”. He also sampled a Donald Trump speech for “THE BENDS!” (although we highly doubt he’ll be repeating the sentiment of this 2016 song).

Watch JPEGMAFIA’s latest visual above. In more music news, Chattanooga, Tennessee rapper BbyMutha delivered her final album over the weekend titled Muthaland — it’s full of brilliant experimentation and a bittersweet finish given that she won’t be making anymore music after these 25 tracks.
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