More destinations such as Dubai and Egypt could open to Brits as UK gov changes travel corridor restrictions

MORE destinations could open up to Brits wanting to go on holiday next month as the UK government changes the criteria for countries to be added to the travel corridor list.

Previously, countries with more than 20 new cases of coronavirus per 100,000 people, over seven days, would face quarantine restrictions.

This led to countries including Spain, France and Portugal being added to the quarantine list.

However, the restrictions have since been changed, according to PC Agency's Paul Charles, meaning less countries are now in the high risk 'red' zone.

Instead of 20 new cases putting a country in the danger zone, this has been increased to 100.

Mr Charles told Sun Online Travel: "My understanding is that in light of the increase in infection rates in many countries, the government is looking at things differently when determining whether a country should be added to quarantine or not.

"They have moved the seven day criteria from 20 up to 100, although that isn't the only criteria – it also includes positive testing rates which signals high transmission rate, as well as the numbers in intensive care and the pressure on health care systems."

This now means holiday hotspots such as Dubai are no longer high risk, but a moderate risk, meaning it could be removed from the quarantine list.

Brits can already visit Dubai, although need a negative coronavirus test, and there are different rules for other parts in the UAE – but a travel corridor would be great news for families wanting some winter sun this year.

Other destinations such as Egypt are still much lower, with new cases below 20 per 100,000, with Jamaica and Canada also in the safe green zone under 50 new cases, but quarantine rules still apply.

Cyprus is still on the safe list despite having 102.9 new cases per 100,000, due to its low positive test rates.

Mr Charles explained: "In Cyprus, their testing positively is very low so that would indicate that the daily numbers is that their rate of transmission in the community is low so they are seeing cases which are perhaps coming from abroad.

"Whilst their number is above 100, their testing positivity is low."

Regarding countries which could open up by next month, Jamaica and Egypt are strong contenders.

He explained: "I think Jamaica is in a stronger position as the infection rate has fallen and is in a very good place. It should be given a corridor.

"Egypt should be as well, as it is low numbers and low mortality rate, and should be opened up.

He added that Africa should also be added to the travel corridor list, especially South Africa and Rwanda, with the latter having a "good healthcare system and very few deaths".

The Canary Islands were the latest holiday destination to be given an air corridor, along with the Maldives and Denmark last week.

Many destinations have opened up to Brits in recent weeks but have strict entry requirements, often in the form of pricey coronavirus tests.

Boots has launched a 12-minute coronavirus test which can be used for travel purchases, but will set you back £120.

If you're travelling from Heathrow, you can stay the night at a hotel and get a negative coronavirus test for £179 with a new 'Test and Rest' package.

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