Bernie Ecclestone family tree – from newborn baby Ace’s half-sister Deborah, 65, to ex-F1 chief’s seven grandchildren – The Sun

LAST week, Bernie Ecclestone became a father for the fourth time at the grand old age of 89.

The ex-Formula 1 owner and his third wife Fabiana, 44, welcomed baby Ace into their extravagant world.

The new arrival makes for a remarkable family tree – starting with Bernie at the top, his children and then his grandchildren.

SunSport breaks it down for you, in full.


The patriarch of the family, Bernie was born in Suffolk in 1930.

Worth £2.5billion, Ecclestone had been associated with F1 since the 1950s – during the 1958 season he entered two Grand Prix races, but failed to qualify for either.

In 1972 he became a team-owner, acquiring Brabham, which he ran for 15 years.

Two years later, Ecclestone formed the Formula One Constructors Association, emerging as chief executive in 1978.

In 2017, Bernie was removed from his position after the Formula One Group was taken over by Liberty Media.

Not bad for the son of a fisherman, who left Dartford West Central Secondary School at 16 and first worked as an assistant in a chemical laboratory testing gas purity.


Not much is known about Bernie's early years, when he ran motorcycle shops and car dealerships.

His first wife, a local girl called Ivy, was believed to be two years older than the businessman when they married in 1952.

They welcomed daughter Deborah three years later, but the marriage fell to pieces and they drifted apart.

It's unknown if Ivy, who would be 91 today, is alive.


Bernie married the 6ft 2in former Armani model Slavica in 1985, three years after they met at a promotional event at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza.

Despite the height difference (Slavica stands a foot taller than Bernie), a language barrier, and an age gap of 28 years they remained married for 23 years.

In 2009, she topped the Sunday Times’ Rich List in the "richest divorcees" category – getting a reported £740million settlement.

They have two daughters, Tamara and Petra.


Not much is known about the 44-year-old Brazilian.

But Bernie met Fabiana in 2009 at the World Motor Sport Council, marrying three years later in a private ceremony at their £23million Swiss chalet in Gstaad.

She helps run his coffee plantation in Brazil, where their brand Celebrity Coffee is produced.

In 2016, her mum Aparecida Schunk was kidnapped and a ransom of £28million was demanded.

Nine days later, she was found safe.

Last week, they welcomed their first son together, baby Ace.


Deborah has preferred to stay out of the limelight, despite her famous family connection.

The only child from Bernie's first marriage, she is said to have followed her dad into business.

It is believed she has two children of her own.

However, their names and ages are unknown.


Bernie's first child with Slavica, Tamara has dabbled with modelling, presenting and reality TV.

For the 2009 F1 season, she presented motorsport coverage for Sky Sports Italia.

In 2011 she starred in Tamara Ecclestone: Billion $$$ Girl on Channel 5 and then in ITVBe's Tamara's World in 2017.

In-between, the brunette beauty appeared nude in Playboy magazine.

She has one daughter, Sophia, 5, from her seven year marriage to Jay Rutland.

They live in a lavish £70million mansion, a stones throwaway from Kensington Palace.


Arguably the more famous of Bernie's socialite daughters with Slavica, Petra is now based in Los Angeles.

At 19, she launched menswear label FORM, which was sold in Harrods.

Her personal life was splashed across the front pages after an acrimonious £5.5 billion divorce row with ex-husband James Stunt, who she split with in 2017.

She was granted sole custody of their three children, Lavinia, 7, and twins James and Andrew, both 5.

And in May, Petra gave birth to a baby girl with fiancé Sam Palmer, but has remained tight-lipped on her name, which gives Bernie seven grandchildren ALL younger than his latest child.

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World News

Family of mum butchered into 16 pieces discover killer's death stayed secret for six years

THE family of a mum butchered in a house of horror bloodbath told of their torment tonight after discovering her caged killer’s death stayed secret for six years.

Tragic Hazel Dix’s loved ones wrote to her once devoted husband Glyn in a psychiatric unit begging to know why he cut her into 16 pieces at their home in 2004.

But prison authorities sent the letter back marked “no longer here” with no explanation before finally disclosing last week that the monster died behind bars in 2014.

Hazel’s granddaughter Lynette, 35, of Bromsgrove, Worcs said today: “They blamed ‘data protection issues’ for the delay when they finally told us in a phone call.

“We wanted him dead years ago but have been denied the closure we desperately wanted.

“I lived with him and my nan for a time and always thought they were a loving affectionate couple – then he killed her in a way which has given us nightmares ever since.

“He never explained why he did it and it’s a blessing that he’s gone, but it’s disgraceful that the authorities didn’t bother to tell us sooner.

“I just hope my nan managed to get her hands on him before he went to hell.”


Dix died six years ago aged 60 at Liverpool’s Ashworth Mental Hospital after being given a full life term for a killing mirroring the script of a horror movie.

Tragic Hazel, 54, was found butchered at her home in Redditch, Worcs by her own children in June 2004 with the killer standing naked over her remains clutching a knife.

He beckoned them inside to view the appalling scene then smirked: “We’ve had a little argument.”

Police later revealed Dix had sawn off his wife’s limbs and head before cutting out her heart, liver and kidneys using 12 different tools.

The only explanation he could give police was that there had been a row about what to watch on TV.

Redditch-born Hazel, 54, met him in prison when she went to visit her son Adam, who became friendly with the killer while doing time for motoring offences.

At the time Dix was serving a 1980 life term for a brutal murder of another woman, Pia Overbury, 32, who was tied to a tree near her Gloucester home, raped and shot in the head.

Dix managed to convince Hazel and her children he had been framed and married the mum-of-six on his release after a penpal romance.

But their seemingly happy life together ended in horror five years later – and son Adam was tormented by guilt for having introduced them and has nightmare visions of the murder scene.

Lynette told today how her Uncle Adam died “of a broken heart” aged just 39 four years ago.

She said: “Adam never got over seeing his mother in pieces and the man he thought was his friend standing over her with a knife.

“His nightmares got so bad that he was afraid to sleep and started taking speed to keep himself awake.

“Eventually his heart just gave out and he was found dead – he was another of Dix’s victims.”

Ministry of Justice sources said attempts to trace the victims’ family to disclose the death failed because they had moved – and revealed procedures were being reviewed.

A spokesman said: “Every effort was made to contact Hazel Dix’s family but this was unsuccessful. We regret any pain this has caused.”

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Thousands of family wills made over Zoom in lockdown are 'not legal'

Thousands of family wills made over Zoom during lockdown are ‘not legal’ because they were witnessed over video call

  • Whitehall sources say that wills drawn up in lockdown have no legal force
  • This is because many wills were discussed in solicitors meetings on Zoom
  • Wills drawn up and witnessed over video calls cannot be legally recognised  

Thousands of family wills drawn up during the lockdown have no legal force because they were witnessed over video call, Whitehall sources revealed.

The lockdown led to a boom in solicitors’ appointments held on platforms such as Zoom.

Government sources said that family wills drawn up during the lockdown period have no legal force as they were held over video call

But Ministry of Justice (MoJ) officials have now ruled that wills witnessed remotely cannot be legally recognised because the witnesses have to be physically present with a ‘clear line of sight’.

To avert the chaos of endless legal challenges, the MoJ is planning to bring in a law in September which will retrospectively legalise all ‘video wills’ since January 31.

Many appointments discussing wills were held by solicitors during Zoom meetings in lockdown

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Harry Dunn's family campaign to stop US putting more agents at base

Harry Dunn’s family campaign to stop US government putting 1,500 more intelligence agents at air base where their son, 19, died in motorbike collision with car over fears of future crashes

  • More than 1,000 US officials could be sent to base near to where teenager died
  • Harry Dunn, 19, was killed in a collision with a car driven by a former CIA agent
  • Ex-Cabinet Minister Andrea Leadsom leads call to stop £200 million expansion 

US spy chiefs are planning a £200 million expansion of RAF Croughton to station an extra 1,500 intelligence officials at the base close to where motorcyclist Harry Dunn died.

The teenager was killed in a collision with a car driven by former CIA agent Anne Sacoolas outside the Northamptonshire facility last August after she drove on the wrong side of the road. She later fled the country.

Now local MP Andrea Leadsom and Harry’s family are campaigning to stop the US Government overhauling the site amid fears about future crashes.

US spy chiefs are planning a £200 million expansion of RAF Croughton to station an extra 1,500 intelligence officials at the base close to where motorcyclist Harry Dunn died. The teenager is pictured above

It is understood RAF Croughton is to become the United States intelligence services’ listening station for the entire African continent, with vast buildings required for the base.

However, residents fear the increase in personnel threatens their lives as more and more American drivers risk accidents in the surrounding area.

There are currently about 250 US military officers on the site, with 140 American defence contractors and a similar number of British Ministry of Defence officials stationed there.

But the plans to quadruple this presence will be challenged in the House of Commons on Thursday, in an emergency debate triggered by Ms Leadsom. 

A Minister will be summoned to the House to explain the UK’s support for the move as the former Cabinet Minister leads calls to stop it.

Last night she told The Mail on Sunday: ‘From the first day that Harry’s family asked me for help I’ve been determined to support them in achieving justice and ensure that this terrible tragedy is not repeated.’

Her support has been welcomed by Harry’s family, who have had an often fraught relationship with the Government in the ten months since the crash.

They are currently taking legal action against Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, whom they blame for allowing Ms Sacoolas to flee the country two weeks after the crash amid evidence that her claim of diplomatic immunity was deeply flawed.

It is understood RAF Croughton is to become the United States intelligence services’ listening station for the entire African continent, with vast buildings required for the base

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'The Family Chantel': Why Getting Chantel and Pedro's Families Together for a Talk Ends up Being a Bad Idea

In the history of 90 Day Fiancé, Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno can’t seem to get their families to get along. On the rare occasions the two families do get together, it usually seems to end in some drama-filled situation. Read on to learn about what happens when Chantel and Pedro get their families together for a talk that doesn’t end well.

Chantel and Pedro go to the Dominican Republic and Chantel’s family tagsalong

In The Family Chantel, Pedro and Chantel decide to goback to the Dominican Republic because Pedro’s grandmother is sick. Chantel’sfamily decides to come along as well, and the two families eventually gettogether.

Chantel’s parents and Pedro’s mom and sister sit down totalk things out after the heated dinner altercation between Pedro and Chantel’sbrother, River. Things explode between the families and they each have to walkoff before things get too out of control when it’s all over.

There is a major language barrier, which makes things so much worse

Chantel’s family can’t understand what Pedro’s mother is saying, but they do notice her body language when she stands up during the argument.

“I have no idea what these people are saying. I noticed that Pedro’s mother stood up. Naturally, I stood up too,” Karen, Chantel’s mother tells the cameras. Thomas, Chantel’s father, explains that they don’t understand what’s being said because Pedro’s family speaks Spanish and they do not.

Chantel’s mother tries to remedy the situation by saying everything is “Ok” now after the fight in her home. She apologizes to Nicole, Pedro’s sister.

Karen stands up in-between Chantel and Pedro. “First thing’s first. We’re going to have to take turns just like we do in therapy. Ok? We talked about when we had a fight in my casa and it was Ok because it’s over now. I apologize for your wig,” Karen tells Nicole.

The mothers try to talk things out

RELATED: ’90 Day Fiancé’: The Most Outrageous Moments Between Chantel, Pedro, and Their Families

Lidia, Pedro’s mother, doesn’t seem to accept the apology and tells Chantel’s family that they are a “bad example” of an American family. This of course leads to a reply back from Chantel’s family as well.

“I want to say that you are a bad example of an American family for us,” Lidia tells them. Pedro translates for Chantel’s family.

Karen replies to the comment with her viewpoint. “If your family thinks a good example of Americana is a family that lets people come in and beat them up and if it’s a family that doesn’t defend themselves than that’s a bad example, if that’s what it is,” Karen replies.

There is obviously a major language barrier, which makes the tensions even higher in this heated exchange. Unfortunately, nothing gets resolved with this talk and it seems to just make things even worse.

“You invited my children to your house and you assault them,” Lidia says. At this point, Chantel and her parents decide it’s time to leave before things blow up any further.

The heated exchange ends and it’s one of the most outrageousmoments between the two families. The fact that each family speaks a differentlanguage makes for an even more complicated and misconstrued situation.

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Coco Austin says her family ‘are falling apart’ as her dad Steve battles coronavirus – The Sun

REALITY star Coco Austin has revealed her heartache as her dad Steve continues to battle coronavirus.

The wife of rapper and actor Ice-T says she feels like her family "are falling apart" amid the 63-year-old's health struggles.

Steve was admitted to an Arizona hospital for symptoms of coronavirus last month.

Opening up to Page Six, Coco, 41, said: "I just want him to pull through. I’ve been sending as much love as I can but there’s only so much I can do from a distance.

"I want to be in the room with him right now and hold his hands, and just let him know that his family loves him, to push through, and this is too early for him to go."

Steve is being treated at Abrazo ArrowHead Hospital in Glendale.

Doctors have since told Coco that he may need to be put on a ventilator due to pneumonia in both of his lungs.

Meanwhile, the model is currently staying at her second home in Arizona to be near to her dad during the horrific time.

She continued: "He’s at the point where he can’t even talk. He can’t even say a word. For him to say ‘no’ or ‘yes’ is so hard that I have to use texting now, and today he doesn’t even want to text anymore.

"He’s just getting so frustrated that he’s in this position that he doesn’t want to get on the phone."

The TV personality went on to reveal her dad's symptoms worsened after he began to experience shortness of breath on Father's Day.

Before being taken into hospital, he also complained of “being stabbed throughout his body," with the family seeking medical advice nine days later.

She added: "Knowing what he’s gone through, he let this disease or virus sit in him for nine days before doing anything.

"That’s basically what they say is too late.”

Sadly for Coco – who shares four-year-old daughter Chanel with her rapper husband –  two of her aunts also have the killer virus.

She concluded: "It’s like, ‘Oh my God, like, my family is falling apart.

"We’re here thinking we came to Arizona to get away from the craziness in New York and New Jersey, and I feel like we now swallowed it up in the spike that just happened here."

Over the past week, Arizona has seen an average of 3,500 new cases a day.

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World News

Trump calls family of teen killed in lawless Seattle ‘CHOP’ zone

President Trump offered a phone call of support to the family of Horace Lorenzo Anderson Jr., a teen killed in Seattle’s “CHOP” zone, the mourning relatives told Fox News Thursday.

Anderson was fatally shot in the early hours of June 20 at the edge of the roughly six-block autonomous zone known as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest.

Trump phoned the family for a seven-minute call after watching Anderson’s father, also named Horace Lorenzo, during an emotional appearance on “Hannity” Wednesday night, his friend and family spokesman Andre Taylor, told Fox News.

“We just talked to the president of the United States,” Taylor said. “How are you going to top that?”

Taylor said the president offered condolences and kind words for the family.

“He said he watched ‘Hannity’ last night, and told Horace, ‘Your son is looking down on you and watching over you,’” Taylor recounted. “He was incredibly gracious, and it gave Horace some extra help as he buried his son.”

Anderson Sr. said 10 days had gone by before he heard from Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, who had called the family on Wednesday before Trump dialed in on his own. The family is still waiting on details around the teen’s death.

The tragedy was followed by a second fatal shooting near the zone on June 29 — when Antonio Mays Jr., 16, was gunned down. Two more victims were injured in the shootings, as well.

The gunfire finally moved Durkan on Wednesday to order police to disband the cop-free space that had formed more than two weeks ago in protest of the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd.

“Enough is enough,” Durkan said Wednesday. “The CHOP has become lawless and brutal. Four shootings — two fatal — robberies, assaults, violence and countless property crimes have occurred in this several block area. ”

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My Family cast – where are they now? From Hollywood blockbusters to quitting acting for good – The Sun

THE BBC delighted fans when it started rescreening classic episodes of the popular comedy My Family in its former timeslot on Friday evenings.

My Family originally aired for 11 series between 2000 and 2011 and was voted 24th in the BBC's Britain's Best Sitcom in 2004

It became the most watched sitcom in the United Kingdom in 2008 and the cast recently came together for a reunion on The One Show.

My family starred Robert Lindsay as dad Ben Harper and Zoë Wanamaker as mum Susan.

Kris Marshall played their eldest son Nick, daughter Janey Harper was played by Daniela Denby-Ashe and Gabriel Thomson played youngest child, Michael Harper.

It has been almost nine years since the show wrapped in 2011, with each of the cast venturing off in different directions and while many remained in acting, some of the others have left the profession altogether.

Robert Lindsay – Ben Harper

The 70-year-old actor has had an illustrious career on the stage and both the silver screen and in TV.

He's starred in shows on the West End, Broadway and several Royal Shakespeare Company productions.

His TV credits include McDonald & Dodds, Ricky Gervais' Extras and The Trial of Tony Blair.

The dad-of-three even made it to Hollywood appearing opposite Angelina Jolie in 2019's Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie. Robert married his second wife, fellow actress Rosemarie Ford in 2006.

Zoë Wannamaker – Susan Harper

The nine-time Olivier Award nominee has barely stopped working and has appeared in some global hits such as Harry Potter and Killing Eve.

Much like Robert, Zoë has had a celebrated theatre career performing regularly with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre.

The 71-year-old's TV credits include  Mr Selfridge, Agatha Christie's Poirot, Prime Suspect, Inside No. 9, Britannia and Worzel Gummidge.

She was awarded a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in 2001.

Kris Marshall – Nick Harper

The 47-year-old got his big break on My Family which launched his career and would see him land big roles in films such as, Love Actually, Citizen Khan and BBC dramedy Death in Paradise. 

In 2017, he was favourite to become the new Doctor on Doctor Who but Jodie Whittaker was ultimately cast in the coveted role.

Kris is married to Hannah Dodkins and they have two children.

Daniela Denby-Ashe – Janey Harper

Daniela, 41, is best known for her role on EastEnders, playing Sarah Hills and dipped in and out of her role as the only daughter of the Harpers.

She starred on My Family between 2000 and 2002, then returned in 2004 until it finished.

Since then, the mum-of-one has appeared in Waterloo Road, Silent Witness and Midsomer Murders and Mum.

Gabriel Thomson – Michael Harper

Affectionately known as Mikey, Gabriel played the youngest Harper child and stayed in the acting profession until 2015.

He ditched treading the boards to go back to university where he studied philosophy at King's College in London with the ambition of becoming a human rights lawyer.

Siobhan Hayes – Abi Harper

A distant relative of the Harpers, Abi joined the cast in the third season when she moved in with the family.

She has an extensive list of acting credits including Holby City, Horrid Henry: The Movie, Little Britain, Paul Merton: The Series, and Agatha Christie's Marple.

Keiron Self – Roger Bailey

The Welsh actor, 49, has appeared CasualtyTracy Beaker and on stage in the show The Rivals.

He played a keen dentist who worked in the same office as Ben on My Family.

My Family airs at 8pm on Friday nights on BBC One.

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'Family Feud': Some Fans Think the Questions Have Gotten Dirtier Over the Years

With a name like Family Feud, most people assume the popular game show will be family-friendly. But over the years, some have become concerned that the game is including too many sexually suggestive questions.

Should the show be concerned about its younger viewers, or is it all in good fun?

What is ‘Family Feud’?

The classic television game show, Family Feud has been on air for almost half a decade. Beginning in 1976, the show has been through a number of hosts, including Richard Dawson, who hosted from 1976 to 1985, and again from 1994 to 1995.

The current version of Family Feud is hosted by comedian, Steve Harvey who started with the show in 2010.

Family Feud is played by pitting two families against one another to guess the answers to survey questions. Contestants are split into two teams, each consisting of five members from each family, which sometimes includes children. The host asks a survey question, which was previously posed to 100 people, and the contestants must guess the most popular responses. Points are given for guessing the top answers.

Is ‘Family Feud’ too sexually suggestive?

RELATED: ‘Family Feud’ Host Steve Harvey Shares The Dumbest Answers on the Game Show

Throughout its run, Family Feud has included some questions which could be considered sexually suggestive. For example, Harvey once asked for a response to “the last thing you stuck your finger in.”

Obviously, answers to this could range from completely benign to overtly sexual. But because people are sexual creatures, sometimes our minds will automatically lean sexual, which is exactly how one contestant responded.

“My wife,” the contestant said, which caused the audience to erupt into laughter.

This question was posed during a 2015 episode, but some say Family Feud has always included sexually suggestive questions on the show, even in its first decade, and during its previous game version, Match Game.

“Even the 1970s/early 80s Match Game (where Family Feud had its genesis) had a couple of occasions where they had to super-impose “OOPS!” and replace the audio with a slide whistle,” said one person, who called themselves a game show fan since kindergarten, commented during a Quora discussion on the topic.

But some think the show has become worse with time. In 2018, NCIS star, Pauley Perrette voiced her concern on Twitter.

“Dear @FamilyFeudABC I love @SteveHarveyFM and I love game shows. WHY DO YOU MAKE YOU PROGRAM SO FILTHY? Even with child players? No reason,” Perrette wrote.

Dan Gainor, vice president of business and culture of the Media Research Center, thinks the recent sexually suggestive questions are only an extension of our culture becoming more sexually open in general.

“I think what has changed is that Hollywood has so undermined and coarsened our culture, that these answers have become the norm,” Gainor told FOX11, as reported by Daily News.

Fans are tired of the dirty questions on ‘Family Feud’

Even if the recent sexually charged questions on Family Feud are a result of a more open culture, some fans are still upset. When Perrette brought up the topic on Twitter, she had plenty of people agree with her.

“My mom (88) won’t watch family feud anymore because it’s too dirty. Everything doesn’t have to have a sexual twist to it,” wrote one person.

“AGREE AGREE AGREE Used to watch it every time it was on. All the answers are filth and @SteveHarveyFM has begun to add “motions” to it. It’s really sad. I miss it,” another person wrote on Twitter.

Perez Hilton posted a survey on their website asking for readers opinion on the matter. At the time of this writing, 55 percent responded that Family Feud had become too dirty, while 30 percent said it’s harmless innuendo, and 15 percent said there’s no such thing as too sexual.

Obviously, opinions on this topic will vary a lot. But according to Fox News, since Harvey became host of Family Feud, their ratings have definitely increased. This may be a sign that there’s plenty who aren’t bothered by the sexually suggestive questions. Either way, the popular game show has been on the air for a long time, and it’s not likely to end anytime soon.

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New Bachelor Matt James Reveals His Mom Wants HOW MANY Grandkids?!

As if this upcoming season of The Bachelor starring Matt James, the first Black male lead in franchise history, didn’t already have an enormous amount of pressure about it!

We hope the ladies signing up far and wide are listening closely because the 28-year-old reality TV star just revealed his momma already has big plans for him and whichever lucky lady will eventually become his wife. Don’t worry, though! This isn’t the Monster-in-Law level of meddling you’re probably thinking of. LOLz.

While appearing on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever via video chat, James told longtime host Chris Harrison that his mom has been reeling with baby fever ever since he got the coveted gig:

“I think that the grandkid counter for my mom started when that announcement was made. She wants a basketball team! I’ll have a minivan, that’s the max.”

OMG! Ladies, are you ready to give birth to the next prolific starting six?! Even beloved Bachelor couple and happy parents-of-three (and counting?!) Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert haven’t even gotten that far yet!

But hey, this isn’t far off from what most want for their kids and he seems to be on board with the idea, too. Plus, it’s safe to assume her opinion holds a lot of weight for Matt — the countless pictures they have together (below) on his IG account is one of the many indicators of how close they must be in real life!

However, as fans know, James will have to get through the entire TV show process, which usually ends in an engagement, before any of that happens! In the meantime, he’s been enjoying the support from his inner circle:

“I’ve heard from a lot of my Black friends that aren’t Bachelor Nation faithful, that are excited about me and honored that I’m in the position I’m in and have this opportunity to just represent what it’s going to look like to have diverse relationships and tell those love stories. I couldn’t be more excited about that.”

Tyler Cameron, who was runner-up on Hannah Brown‘s recent season of The Bachelorette, appeared alongside his buddy for the interview and shared what the new Bachelor is looking for in a woman:

“Look for someone who kinda resembles his mother. His mother is one of the sweetest ladies — very loving, caring, compassionate, willing to serve others, help out the community and someone that’s ready to get on the ground with Matt and change the world. Matt’s gonna change the world, and someone that’s ready to take on that challenge with him.”


If we might add, Matt is already doing a stellar job of this through the company he and Tyler co-founded together called ABC Food Tours, whose mission is “to find a creative way to engage kids in underserved communities” by “surrounding students with restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, & immigrant business owners who have all overcome similar hardships they can begin to envision these realities for themselves,” per the brand’s website.

As we reported, ABC announced James’ casting earlier this month along with a commitment to telling diverse love stories in a historically white-washed franchise going forward:

“We know we have a responsibility to make sure the love stories we’re seeing onscreen are representative of the world we live in, and we are proudly in service to our audience. This is just the beginning, and we will continue to take action with regard to diversity issues on this franchise. We feel so privileged to have Matt as our first Black Bachelor and we cannot wait to embark on this journey with him.”

We can’t wait to watch his journey to find love, coming to our screens sometime in 2021!

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