Spoilers: Dawn and Harriet arrested for Malone's murder in huge Emmerdale twist?

Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) took matters into her own hands in Emmerdale, when she killed DI Malone (Mark Womack) in order to save both herself and Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton).

With Malone having worked out that Dawn had reported him to the police, he wasted little time in seeking revenge.

He manipulated her into entering her home by threatening Lucas’ life, and once inside, he instructed her to take her own life, before withdrawing a bag of herion and an accompanying syringe.

An emotional Dawn reluctantly accepted her fate as she picked up the syringe, but Harriet came to her rescue, walloping the bent copper with a kettle.

However, the nightmare was far from over as Malone regained consciousness and came at Dawn with a candlestick. Dawn’s survival instruct kicked in, and she picked up Malone’s firearm — shooting him dead.

Speaking about the scenes in question, actress Olivia Bromley said: ‘The storyline is such a dark one; it’s been great to have that challenge as an actor, even though it’s difficult to get into that headspace sometimes. 

‘But it’s self-defence rather than cold blooded murder. I’m obviously on Dawn’s side. I empathise with her and what she did.’

As we saw in the latest episode (August 19), Dawn struggled to come to terms with her actions, as she was caught between going to the police or covering up the murder — and it’s safe to say that neither option filled her with much joy.

In the end, both she and Harriet opted for the second option, as they removed the body and evidence from the house, and conspired to bury it all at nightfall.

However, Olivia reckons that Dawn will continue to struggle in the aftermath of recent events — which could mean that their troubles are only just beginning.

She said: ‘I don’t think Dawn will cope well at all. She struggles to keep on top of her emotions and be level headed at the best of times.

The question is: if she and Harriet successfully bury the body, will they get away with the murder?

Olivia continued: ‘After everything she has worked for to get her life on track, such a dark secret weighing on her conscience could see her spiral into self destruction. She is prone to self loathing and rash decisions.’


If Dawn does spiral into self-destruction, could this result in the truth coming to light and thus her and Harriet getting arrested?

When discussing how worried Harriet and Dawn should be, Olivia confirmed that they should be ‘Vey worried!’

It’s not looking too good for them, that’s for sure!

Emmerdale continues Friday 21 August at 7pm on ITV.

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