England limiting gatherings to six is tougher than most of Europe

Coronavirus cases soar across Europe – but England’s crackdown limiting gatherings to SIX is TOUGHER than almost anywhere else on the continent

  • England is implementing a crackdown on groups of more than six people  
  • Only schools, workplaces and a limited number of other locations will be exempt
  • Measures are quite tough for Europe; many countries have lighter restrictions

England’s new coronavirus crackdown limiting gatherings to no more than six people is more drastic than many countries in Europe.    

From Monday it will be illegal to assemble in groups of seven or more anywhere in the country, indoors or outdoors, Boris Johnson has announced.

Only schools, workplaces and a limited number of other locations will be exempt.

England’s new measures restricting groups to six people are relatively tough for Europe – despite the continent seeing signs of a dreaded ‘second wave’ of the virus following lockdowns. 

In Spain, restrictions differ depending on the region. Catalonia introduced a ban on social gatherings of more than 10 people – except for work meetings or travelling – while also Murcia introduced a limit of six.

From Monday it will be illegal to assemble in groups of seven or more anywhere in England, indoors or outdoors, Boris Johnson has announced

Greece has seen the introduction of local restrictions in Lesvos island, Mykonos island, the Halkidiki peninsula and the Chania and Heraklion regions of Crete.

These include a ban on gatherings of more than nine people, either indoors or outdoors, and a limit of four people per table in any restaurant, except for cases where the party consists of family members, where the limit is six people.

Portugal has now entered a new phase in its ‘de-escalation’ strategy, with regional states of alert, reviewed every two weeks.

Confinement is mandatory for those suffering from or infected with coronavirus, or being actively monitored by the health authorities for COVID-19 symptoms

The Greater Lisbon area is in a state of contingency due to localised outbreaks of coronavirus.  

Private and public gatherings are limited to 10 people, while shops and services open at 10am and close at 8pm, with the exception of restaurants, supermarkets, chemists, sports facilities, petrol stations, health and veterinary clinics.

In Ireland, indoor gatherings are limited to six people, with exceptions for businesses such as shops and restaurants, where specific guidelines are in place.

No more than six people from a maximum of three different households are permitted in a private home or garden gatherings, while outdoor gatherings are limited to 15 people.

Restaurants and cafes can remain open, with a mandatory closing time of 11.30pm. 

There are protocols in place for restaurants to follow, including the maximum number of six people permitted. Diners must wear face coverings until seated and again on departure.

In Germany, nationwide rules are in place restricting movement and limiting activity.


  • Max social gatherings SIX PEOPLE
  • Applies indoors and outdoors
  • Applies in private homes
  • Applies in pubs and restaurants
  • Does NOT apply to schools or workplaces
  • Does NOT apply to weddings, funerals, team sport
  • Does NOT apply if household bubbles are bigger than six people

One household can meet another outside, but working from home is still recommended wherever possible. 

The status of restaurants, hotels, theatres, cinemas, bars and other such venues will differ from region to region, but wearing a face masks is required in certain public areas in all of Germany’s 16 states.  

In Berlin, hosts of private parties or gatherings of more than 50 people must follow pandemic rules and collect contact information in case someone tests positive for coronavirus.

As many as 750 people can gather for private or public indoor events, with that figure increasing to up to 1,000 in October – a limit that will remain in place until the end of the year. 

Up to 5,000 people can gather for outdoor events. Events with more than 5,000 people are prohibited through the end of the year.

France had previously imposed rules forbidding any more than 10 people gathering in any public space.

Events for up to 5,000 people are permitted in open-air spaces, and in covered spaces subject to fulfilling specific health rules.

Local authorities in an increasing number of cities and regions, including Paris, have extended this to also include outdoor public spaces. Failure to comply with these restrictions may result in a fine.

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